Three Visual Artists for The New Yorker

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

This post will focus on Three Visual Artists. I worked for The New Yorker magazine for a couple of years, and they commissioned these pieces for their “Goings On About Town” section.

First up, the artist Sol LeWit. To create this image, I took one of his graphic drawings and made a print. I then worked from a photo of the artist and drew onto the print to super-impose his portrait onto the original artwork…

It was meticulous work, yet fun to create.

Next, the painter, Joan Mitchell. This was a pretty straightforward affair. Aside from my usual WSJ ‘Hedcut’ style of drawing, I used a lot of cross-hatching to lay in the background…

I enjoy the rather stark formality of this illustration.

Finally, the painter, Antonio Tapies. I incorporated his bold expressionistic brushwork into my portrait of this intense personality…

It was a challenge to render his energetic painting style into my highly structured, detail-oriented drawing technique.

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