Illustration at Worth Magazine

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

I was the leading illustrator on staff at The Wall Street Journal for about 8 years. I spent roughly the same amount of time providing illustration at Worth Magazine. Creating images for corporate clientelle has been a niche of mine for quite some time. I still produce the hallmark stipple portraits that I pioneered at the Journal for people and companies the world over.

Here are some interesting pieces I created for Worth Magazine…

A typical single-portrait of an executive. The magazine devoted a good portion of its content to profiles of financial services people and teams. I illustrated almost all of them in the years when Worth was my client. It was good, steady work. I especially enjoyed working on the more complex illustrations, like this one…

Next, a woman executive. An interesting angle, with an expressive pose:

Sometimes, the profiled executives wanted to showcase their avocations — a departure from the ordinary…

Here’s a dog-lover. Pretty cute I’d say!

Above, one of the more ambitious drawings I created for Worth. I love a beautiful machine! Motorcycles are fascinating for their complexity — a challenge to capture in all their glorious detail.

Worth decided to turn to photography for their executive profiles after my 8-year run. It was a great gig, sometimes a bit overwhelming, but always a joy to produce the work.

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