Technical Illustrations for Advertising

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

This week, I present some highly-detailed work I created for Ogilvy and Mather, the New York ad agency.

Art Director Ross Sutherland had spotted my work in the Black Book, the top directory for illustration and photography at the time. This was the late 1980’s, when I was still the head illustrator at The Wall Street Journal. The many assignments I received from Ross afforded me the opportunity to resign from my position at The Journal. I have been freelancing ever since.

My previous post about this assignment for the Concord Watch company can be accessed here:

Here are some illustrations of the many watches I took home to draw at the studio…

I, sometimes my wife, would pick up a small brown bag with a few of these very expensive timepieces inside and carry them back to my home studio. There, I would photgraph the watches, then take the photos and project the images onto board for drawing.

There were men’s and ladies models of varying styles and adornment. All drawings had to contain the elegant Concord medallion on a string…

The diamonds were quite a challenge to render!

Above the Men’s fururistic “Metropolitan” in 14-karat gold. Price: $5,990.

These elegant timepieces were fun to draw. It was a great gig while it lasted!

2 thoughts on “Technical Illustrations for Advertising

  1. The way the dial-discs (the circle behind the numbers and hands, the face I guess you’d call it) reflects the light, esp. in #2, is quite magical. Very classy too. Makes the watches look worth their price. Where can we buy some?

    • Thanks Van! Yeah, they were some challenging drawings. Concord (and that ad campaign) folded when the owner lost his shirt in the stock market in the late-80’s. So I was told. You can probably find some on EBay…

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