Stove Art

All Images, c. Kevin Sprouls

The focus of this post is Stove Art. Autumn is here, and we are entering heating season. I’ve been heating with wood for many years. Having a woodstove is very comforting during the cold winter months. I’ve made many illustrations of the wood stove. A few years ago, I made a series of spot illustrations for A/D Chris Gangi over at Rodale Press. Here they are…

These interesting designs were fun to draw. Near the beginning of my freelance career, I was hired to create a few, more ambitious illustrations. Another unique design for a stove, from France – The Godin:

This illustration makes use of the full-range of tones, from solid black to white. The ornate castings were interesting to study and render. Part of the ad campaign marketing this stove included a portrait of Ben Franklin, inventor of the pot-belly stove that the Godin design emulated. Why he’s wearing sunglasses, I don’t recal. Perhaps the message is that burning wood is hip, or cool!

Note my signature initial in the lower right corner of the image. The drawing has an irregular crop. I suppose this was intentional and requested by the client.

Finally, a contemporary wood stove by Vermont Castings…

Again utilizing the full range of tonality, from black to white. This stove has elegant glass doors. The flames were a challenge to draw. I always enjoy creating product illustrations like these. I hope you enjoyed these… Stay Warm!

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