Tree Illustrations

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls

A few years back, I created a series of Tree Illustrations. The images were allegorical and meant to convey the corporate principles and aspirations of my client. It was a challenging project. I began by making sketches, taking direction from the Art Director on the assignment. Here’s one of those:

My sketch work is always done with bic pen, medium point, in black ink. I consider it a fine tool. Here is the resulting finished work…

As you can see, the detail level was quite high with these. Another sketch:

The sketches were important. I had to know if the image was working before committing to the many hours of work on each piece (There are five illustrations in all)…

Of course, I really enjoyed getting into the fine-detail of these drawings. Each image measures around 9.5 x 12.5″ — pretty large for a pen-and-ink drawing. The remaining illustrations appear below…


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