A Brush with a Magician

A while back, the prominent Magician, Steve Cohen, commissioned an illustration from me. I think he was drawn by the engraving technique and it’s Victorian-era connotations. Here is the image I created for him… Now, I am known for my illustration … Continue reading

A Cover for Harper’s

It’s been a really busy Summer! This might go a little way towards explaining why this blog has been, apparently, on vacation. In July, I was contacted by Roger Black‘s studio about doing the cover art for Harper’s September issue. … Continue reading

Reader’s Digest Images

I found more illustrations from way back recently. It’s incredible, the amount of original art that piles up in my studio’s filing cabinets! I am archiving these just in time– the rubber cement (widely used back in pioneer days, the … Continue reading

New Yorker Years

Once again, I return to my collection of New Yorker illustrations. These images are new to this blog. It was a great privilege to be called on to produce the art for this august publication— I read it every week … Continue reading

Conceptual Art

When I was the lead in-house illustrator at The Wall Street Journal, in the 1980’s, an emphasis evolved at the paper towards producing conceptual illustration for many of the feature articles. The New York Times had been doing this for … Continue reading


I love trees. As a youth, I climbed many. From getting my hands thoroughly resined by an easy-to-climb giant fir in a neighbor’s yard, to later scaling an elegant maple in my own backyard to read a book or merely … Continue reading

Back in the Wall Street Journal

A while back, I was asked to produce an oversized portrait of Charles Darwin for my former employer, Dow Jones & Co. They were planning a promotional campaign that would appear in the Wall Street Journal, their world-famous newspaper. Naturally, … Continue reading

At the Creative Carnival

I was invited recently to appear at a most singular event: a Creative Carnival at the Art Director’s Club in New York, hosted by the Workbook. I’ve been a loyal advertiser in this national artists and photographers directory since the … Continue reading