Spot Illustrations for Texas Monthly

My work appears in the form of some spot illustrations for this month’s issue of Texas Monthly. As I’ve mentioned previously, magazine work appeals to me for the publicity it signifies — I like my illustrations to be seen. These … Continue reading

American Airlines Illustration

Shortly after I left my day job at WSJ, having established the hallmark hedcut portrait style at the newspaper, I was hired for a good bit of work on American Airlines illustration. As I recall, it started with a simple, b&w … Continue reading

Conceptual Art at the WSJ, Revisited

I covered the topic of conceptual art a bit back in 2012, but here are more images, new to this blog, representing conceptual illustration from The Wall Street Journal in the days before it was changed to a full-color, photograph-heavy … Continue reading

The Art of Demotivation – Final Chapter

Last in this series of that wicked parody, “The Art of Demotivation”. These are pretty far afield from my usual task of turning out those Wall Street Journal style hedcut portraits for which I’m known. Here are more of my … Continue reading

More The Art of Demotivation

I suppose it was an obvious choice: The parody-masters at Despair, Inc. approached me, the creator of the WSJ hedcut portrait style, to work on their wickedly funny book, “The Art of Demotivation”. For me, the funniest part of the … Continue reading

Logos and Graphics at The WSJ

Here are some logos and graphics from my collection of non hedcut images that I produced while at my “day job” at The Wall Street Journal. I used to think it was really cool to have a salaried position with a … Continue reading

Improving on an Image— Christmas Truce

By now, you have likely heard that this is the famous 100th Anniversary of the Christmas Truce of World War 1. But, did you know, that there was a precedent for this important event in human affairs that occurred 50 … Continue reading

Stipple Spot Illustration | Medical and Historical

This week, I went way back into the vaults to find a series of drawings I created for a pharmaceutical company’s newsletter as a stipple spot illustration series. I produced these back in the late ’80’s or early ’90’s, after … Continue reading

Portrait of a Chef | Stipple Art

  I am pleased to present a Portrait of a Chef. I know a couple of true-genius chefs. One of them is Jeremiah Tower. Today is Jeremiah’s Birthday, and I raise a glass of Reisling to him as I write. Salutations … Continue reading

Spot Illustrations | Stipple Drawings of Birds

This week, I’m talking about our fine-feathered friends, and the imagery they inspire. I worked on a small series for the Canadian magazine, “TORO” a few years back. Here are some spot illustrations from that project… Bird portrait art can be interesting, … Continue reading