Illustrated Stories of Recovery

For this post, I am letting freelance writer Constance Ray tell illustrated stories of recovery, the stories of a few people who kicked the drug habit. Sadly, this issue has become ‘front and center’ on the national scene, with many … Continue reading

How-To Illustrations for Men’s Fitness

A little while ago, I was commissioned to do a handful of How-To Illustrations for the magazine, Men’s Fitness. I like doing magazine work, as it gets my art out in front of a wide audience. The images appeared in … Continue reading

WSJ Images, Beyond the Hedcut, Part 3

Last in a series of WSJ Images that I produced for the Wall Street Journal when I was Head of the Illustration Department there. These are departures from the hedcut type of illustration, the hallmark head and shoulders portrait that is … Continue reading

Stipple Spot Illustration

Stipple spot illustration works very well. The stipple process can really bring a new and interesting dimensions to many kinds of spot illustrations. Recently, I had the pleasure of creating some images for a company called Merkle. Merkle is the … Continue reading

Book Illustrations for Rodale Press

A while back, I got an assignment to create some book illustrations for a book on natural agricultural practices that Rodale press was putting together. The designer, Chris Gangi, is a prominent art director with whom I had worked previously at Garden … Continue reading