Architectural Illustration

all images, c. Kevin Sprouls This week, I’ll concentrate on architechtural illustration. I’ve always been captivated by architecture. In grade school, I learned how there were three types of classical columns: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. It appealed to my young … Continue reading

Memorial Day Illustration

In observance of Memorial Day, I am featuring this illustration I produced for the Reader’s Digest. It is a portion of the Vietnam Veteran’s Wall in Washington, D.C., reflecting the silhouettes of visitors to the shrine. My Dad and two … Continue reading

Political Issue, part 2

all images, copyright Kevin Sprouls So, here we are, heading into the dying days of the Bush administration. I wonder if the exiting bureaucrats will be removing the “O” keys from government keyboards. (You have to be a bit of … Continue reading